Manufacturing Wooden Pallets, Boxes, and Crates

Our core expertise lies in manufacturing high-quality wooden pallets, boxes, and crates.

Whether you need standardized solutions or custom-designed products, we are here to meet your specific requirements. Our skilled craftsmen use premium materials to create durable and reliable wooden packaging tailored to your needs. Pallet cants from local sawmills are trimmed to the proper length, ripped into boards, and sawn into the proper-sized deck boards and stringers for whatever type of pallet is needed. Next, notches can be cut into stringers to allow 4-way entry with forklifts or 2-way entry with pallet jacks. If the pallet will be used for international shipping or in sanitary applications, the wood may be treated prior to assembly.

Finally, it is time to put the pieces together. This can be done by hand with pneumatic nailers and staplers (for small orders typically less than 200 units) or, more commonly, by automated machines that can nail together and produce pallets at high volumes. There is a wide variety of machinery on the market, including board stackers, pallet nailers, pallet stackers, robotic dismantlers, and saws to help maximize production and efficiency.

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